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Branches NEW ALBUM, "Casa Nossa", will be out 27th January. 

 Watch the video Augusto Lima directed for "Yuzu #1" and "Yuzu #2":


Jan 25th - Pre-release show - Salgado Fest @ Maus Hábitos (Porto) - some cassettes will be available! Jan 27th - Cassette release (mail order + Bandcamp + stores Matéria Prima & Flur)

 Pre-order now:

 "Casa Nossa" was recorded at home. Most tracks were recorded in 2013 but some have been recorded earlier. "Casa Nossa" sees Branches going further in the search for the pacifying vistas that were present in "Ninguém É Como Tu" (one of the best cassette releases of 2012 for Impose Magazine). There is a new sense of peace and restraint in tracks like "Inspirar", but also hidden ghost rhythms in pieces like "Yuzu #2", an homage to a Japanese fruit, and exotic guitar parties.

Previous buzz: 
"Portugal's Pedro Rios, AKA Branches, is a master of careful repetition and deliberate addition" - IMPOSE
"I'm a complete sucker for this sound" - WARREN ELLIS, comics genius
 "Portugal's Pedro Rios records dreamy, echo-soaked instrumental pop". - STEREOGUM

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